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2010 Hino 185 payload ?

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Hi , I m looking at buying a 2010 Hino 185 with a low profile 20 foot box , its has a gvwr of 17600 lbs
rear axle 13000 lbs front 6250 lbs. The owner of the truck has no idea of payload, what do you guys think I can safely haul with this truck. vin 2aync6jm6a3s14124
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Hey @GeraldH I know with the 2008 model you can safely tow 5,000 lbs. but not sure about anything beyond that.
Are you considering any other trucks or just that Hino 185?
Hey @GeraldH I believe it's around 5,000 pounds.

A good way to figure out payload is to take the GVWR and subtract the curb weight if you or the seller knows it.

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