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Hi, can anyone tell me what the signal from the ecu to throttle body motor should look like. dont worry about data from the exact model as all hino dutro and toyota dyna n04c-t motor ecu should have the same output .

i have a 2005 toyota dyna with a n04c-t motor where the throttle body motor developed a short form 24v to body ground resulting in the plug end of the throttle body motor catching fire (yes hino has overlooked fusing the 24v+ wire on these).
the throttle body motor was replaced with a used one but its still not working.
when the ignition is first turned on the throttle body starts flapping aggressively then the ecu throws p0488 and it stops .

so we are now testing the ecu and throttle body motor by hooking a oscilloscope into the line running pin 38 on ecu to pin 3 throttle body motor .

we get 3.8v pmw with a 50% duty and when its shut off we get 3.8v pmw with 98% duty in short bursts for about 1 min

motor running
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just turned off
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pic of throttle body motor n04c
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