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Looking for advice on warranty

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Truck is a 2017 338 Hino.

Problem is at 300000 kms transmission crapped out. Truck was only 2 1/2 years old at the time. I took truck to dealership, and they sent it to a shop that dealt with Allison transmissions. the repair cost me $11,000 Cad. I paid it to get my truck back on the road as there was an issue with warranty.

Allison says that is was a P2 failure and that is usually caused by incorrect drive line angle. When they checked, drive line angle was correct angle. Then they said that P2 failure is caused by the vibration. in the end they said they will only cover some of the repairs.

Truck History: when the truck was only 2 months old there was a shimmy when I had it checked out they had to shim up the drive shaft twice. 4 months before the transmission crapped out I had to replace a steady bearing and they also rechecked the drive line angle and it was fine.

That was 11 months ago. Every time I check it seems Hino dealership and the Allison contractor and Hino Canada are still exchanging emails on who knows what info.

any ideas on what else I can do to get this resolved before I need court action?

Thanks Rob
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Hey Rob that's a rough position to be in with all the incompetence between them. When it comes to stuff like this you have to keep on top of them and barrage them with emails so they don't ignore you. I'm not sure what else you can do aside from getting lawyers involved.
Hey guys
Well I thought that since I complained about my Transmission warranty issues I should also give credit where credit is due.
Yesterday after 13 months, Hino gave me a check for $11 200.00. That covers everything owed to me including the tow. The service manager thinks that Hino just paid for it and will go after Allison for what is due.
Small update, truck is now 3 years 4 months old and just hit 400 000km

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