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XL8 Tandem

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Question, If XL8 Tandems ever come to Canada I would like to build a Tandem Dump truck. No tag axles needed here in Alberta and my GVW would be around 23 000 KG, I think about 51000 lbs but I'm no math wizard.

First Question would be 330 HP with A 3000 or 360 HP with A3500? 2nd Q- STD Air S cam drum or Opt Air Disk?
3d Q- What front axle, I was thinking 14000 or should I just leave STD 12000. I was also planning on OPT 2 1K Hendrickson air susp with the STD frame rail.

I have owned a few trucks but I've never built one so thanks for any advice. Truck will mostly haul clay, dirt or concrete in City.

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